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Under Dr. M’s philosophy of living ‘Beyond 100’, the Smart Group's foray into healthcare, through its Singapore entity Smart Health City Pte Ltd and along with Gujarmal Modi Hospital & Research Centre, India - will span a wide range of healthcare verticals. With the promise of helping its users live happy and healthy lives, beyond 100 years of age, the Smart Group’s Modi Mediciti in New Delhi will include: stem cell bank & research, rehab facilities, assisted living, residencies and anti-ageing. In addition, the group’s healthcare verticals also include the Modi Yoga Retreat, the upcoming Smart Living project, the AI powered Dr. M MyLyfe digital health ecosystem and wellness communities across Northern India.

MODI MEDICITI Saket, New Delhi

MODI Mediciti

An integrated healthcare ecosystem in Saket, New Delhi (India) with world-class medical facilities and auxiliary services for ease-of-life and wellness. Spread over 2 million sq. ft in New Delhi, the upcoming Modi Mediciti will be India’s largest Integrated Health City offering both traditional and preventive healthcare services. This futuristic health city will include a Day Care Centre, ‘Beyond 100’ Geriatric care, Wellness Residencies, Medical Office Buildings and a 2000 bed quaternary care hospital supported by a robust digital and Artificial Intelligence enabled platform that offers seamless interaction between caregivers and patients while enabling access to global health & wellness service providers.

Smart Yoga

The Modi Yoga Retreat at Rishikesh (Uttarakhand), is a 51,000 sq. ft premier wellness tourism facility offering rejuvenation and de-stressing programs using a blend of yoga, meditation, functional and metabolic medicine and Ayurveda. Located on the banks of the Holy river Ganga in the Yoga capital of the world – Rishikesh, the retreat is an iconic offering within the Beyond 100 brand. This luxury holistic wellness centre, includes an international spa set up in association with WTS International (USA), precision diagnostics, nutrition services and digital monitoring. Modi Yoga Retreat is a wellness tourism destination that enhances every element of wellbeing.

Smart Yoga

With a vision to curate a globally recognised wellness platform, the Dr. M owned Smart Group has partnered with Fountain Life (USA) to promote human vitality, longevity and health. The partnership will manifest through multiple wellness centres across the USA and India. The Dr. M MyLfe platform is an Artificial Intelligence enabled and data driven digital healthcare platform designed to deliver the world’s best preventive, predictive and personalised healthcare at your fingertips. It will blend cutting edge data using precision diagnostics, performance/recovery optimisation and regenerative medicine with spa-like services to develop a fully integrated preventive and personalised healthcare experience to help human health thrive. The operating system works with medical professionals and the individual to deliver a comprehensive personalised health plan and identify troublesome health markers to enhance individual longevity.

Smart Yoga

Planned as a sustainable wellness residency, the Rampur Wellness Community to be developed in Rampur (India) will combine all aspects of wellness – physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental in one holistic real estate offering. Wellness based community living lies at the heart of Dr. M’s Beyond 100 philosophy, reimagining and restructuring living spaces in urban and semi-urban demographics to integrate nature and wellbeing into daily living for a healthy, fit India.


Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital, is a world-class, multi-speciality hospital located in the heart of the Indian capital of New Delhi. The agreement was reached with Life healthcare of South Africa in 2015, and is now in place with KKR since 2019.