smart entertainment

Never to miss a chance to connect with the consumers, Smart has consistently engaged with the audiences. From establishing India’s first 4D theatre to producing ground breaking content that educates and inspires generations, Smart is known for its commitment to innovation in entertainment. The group’s diversified forays into entertainment include a wide variety of content and lifestyle facilities. In addition, the Singapore Film Fund, the Dr. M led production house is also making forays in the production of socially conscientious films and TV serials.

Singapore Film Fund is an integrated full-service film & TV production, marketing and distribution company that has produced films such as No Problem (2010) and Oh My God! (2012), and TV series such as Buddha (2013) and Sri Adishankaracharya(upcoming).


Spice (Smart) Cinemas is North India's largest multiplex with 9 screens having 1843 seats. Including two premium and one luxury theatre, generously spread out over 65,000 sq.feet.