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Started in 1980’s, Smart Group is a leading, diversified business conglomerate with interests in mobility, finance, healthcare, entertainment and technology sectors. The group has recently ventured into clean energy & life sciences. Headquartered in Singapore, it has a global footprint that spans across India, China, ASIAN, Middle East, US, UK and Africa.



A global citizen, Dr. M (Bhupendra Kumar Modi) is a global business leader, an author and the key architect of the Smart brand. With more than four decades of business leadership experience, he is a recognized pioneer in the areas of office automation, telecom, healthcare, electric vehicles, global citizenship and omniscience. With a focus on healthcare and wellness, Dr. M’s new ventures are directed at helping people live ‘Beyond 100’. For his efforts in healthcare, he has been bestowed with the epithet of ‘Global Leader in Wellness’. As a global thought leader, he has also led diverse efforts to create a unified world beyond gender, religion and nationality. Dr. M leads, as chairman, the Global Citizen Forum, the Foreign Investors India Forum and is also the Hon. President of the World Federation of United Nations Associations

"I envision a happy, healthy and wealthy future where everyone can live beyond a 100" - Dr. M Find out more


Based on our core business philosophy of conscious capitalism, the group has been at the forefront of bringing new technologies in the fields of office automation, mobile telephony, wireless communication and now, electric vehicles and health care.



The Smart Group is always on the lookout for committed business partners to execute our revolutionary ventures. From Xerox to Axiata, our rich history of joint ventures includes some of the most exciting names in their respective industries.


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Dr .M's business achievement have earned him several accolades - the most recent being by channel news Asia in 2015 - and made him a regular feature of the prestgious Forbes billionaire list. In 2016, Forbes estimated Dr M's net worth at US $645 million.

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